VH Dissector Anatomy 4.5.1 + Update to 4.5.2 (Atrals de Anatomia Humana)

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VH Dissector Anatomy 4.5.1 + Update to 4.5.2 (Atrals de Anatomia Humana)

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VH Dissector Anatomy 4.5.1 + Update to 4.5.2
WinApp | 1 DVD | ISO | 4.45 GB + 5% recovery
ISSUE: 2008

Website: Visible Human Project®️

System Requirements


* Mac OS X v. 10.3.9 or later
* 800MHz (1.2GHz recommended) or faster processor
* 1024x768 24/32-bit display


* Microsoft Windows 2000 or later
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
* 800MHz (1.2GHz recommended) or faster processor
* 1024x768 24/32-bit display
Language: ENGLISH

The VH Dissector provides access to 3D renderings of photographic anatomy from the Visible Human Project and is a reference resource for life-long learning. The program allows examination of the human body from any combination of traditional views, including cross-sectional, systemic, clinical, surface, regional and surgical anatomy. A unique and remarkable interactive anatomical atlas, combining the power of cadaver dissection with the technology of virtual reality.


* Virtual dissection of the full body anatomy
* 2000 identified anatomical structures
* Structures grouped by region, system or through authored lessons
* Comprehensive index by anatomical structure
* Dissection window synchronised with cross-section window

Dissection window

* Facility to add, remove or add and highlight structures to the dissection window to build up or dissect the anatomical picture
* Structures identified in the relevant window as mouse passes over
* Zoom in to see greater detail or out for orientation and anatomical context
* Rotate the structures to gain greater 3D understanding including position of other structures, their shapes, sizes and systemic relationships
* Overlay skin transparency for complete 3D location and (whole body) referencing context

Cross-section window

* Cross-section navigated as viewed from the inferior position
* Zoom in to cross section for close up details and structure selection
* Structures selected cross-sectionally are displayed fully in dissection window
* Navigate up or down cross sectional images for greater understanding of the shape, size and the relationship of structures
* Useful for improving, understanding and interpreting MRI scans


* An authoring and viewing facility allowing tutors to build (using HTML) and then distribute lessons which integrate with the VH Dissector data set and functions
* Allows customisation and structuring of content, whilst benefiting from the full flexibility of the VH Dissector program
* Lessons are separate programs which can be emailed or distributed by CD-ROM which then integrate with the VH Dissector

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